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Welcome to Web Consultus..

We are web development and design firm established under Global Technologies Cameroon and we offer the services of web development and IT consultancy. We believe the world of technology in cameroon is extremely slow and we aim at promoting it in any way we can, thats is why we came up with this initiative to offer our services to cameroonians at a very cheap and affordable prices. Here, it includes personal sites, small and medium size businesses. The industry Web Consultus also provides advice to their clients who want a website for business purposes or for personal use. We also create blogs for personal use or for business. And the most interesting thing about our services is that we run ads for those who will want to direct web traffic to their websites. It doesn't matter the country you want to target, with web consultus we make it a reality.

We also do SEO for website. Do you want your website to rank first on google search? Then we are here for you. It doesn't matter which search engine you want to rank first on, contact or call us and make that a reality. We are not expensive as compared to other providers out there, looking at the present condition of the country, we try to make everyone feel free to try an online business.

We also promote business on Facebook and Instagram. Do you have a business on facebook that you want to promote, get intouch with us and gain more customers than you would ever imagine.

Do you want your website build using wordpress or wix? No problem, you are in the right place. We are experts in the field and we would create just the best for you. Do you want your website to be mobile responsive? You are in the right place. Give us a call or write us using or email and we will respond in less than no time.

For a successful business, you need professionals in the field, and we are here to help you with our experience.


Some of the companies we have worked with over the years and still working with some uptill date

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Lookin at our website and the information, if you have any questions or doubt yiu can always contact us and as your questions. we are always happy to help you out at anytime.